Opening of the conference and welcome speeches

Prof. Dr ROMAN KUHAR (Dean of the Faculty of Arts) Assist.

Prof. Dr ALEŠ NAGODE (Head of the Department of Musicology)

Assist. Prof. Dr KATARINA BOGUNOVIĆ HOČEVAR (president of the Slovenian Musicological Society)

Mrs. MANUELA ROJEC (president of the Community of Italians “Giuseppe Tartini” Piran and deputy major of Piran)

Keynote speaker I

SERGIO DURANTE: Questions about Tartini, his Music and His Character

Session I:

In Search of Perfect Harmony in Music: Tartini’s Musical Language (chair: SERGIO DURANTE)

BAIBA JAUNSLAVIETE, Violin Sonatas by Giuseppe Tartini from the Perspective of Musical-Rhetorical Figures

TOMMASO LUISON, Poetic Mottoes and Giuseppe Tartini’s Musical Language in the 1888 Autograph Manuscript

MARGHERITA CANALE DEGRASSI,The Orchestral Accompaniments of Giuseppe Tartini’s Concertos for Violin and Orchestra and the Third-Tone Theory: Hypotheses for an Analysis

Session II Maestro delle nazioni: Tartini’s Influence and Reception and Dispersion of his Work (chair: ROBERTA VIDIC)

LUCIJA KONFIC, Giuseppe Michele Stratico’s Theoretical Thinking – Transgressing the Boundaries of Tartini’s School

JUAN MARIANO PORTA,Tartini’s Trio Sonatas in the Berkeley Collection (US-Be)

ANA LOMBARDÍA, The Reception of Tartini’s Violin Sonatas in Madrid (ca.1740–ca.1800)

Keynote speaker II

PIERPAOLO POLZONETTI: Bach,Tartini,and their Network

Session IV

Tartini and Istria (chair: DOMEN MARINČIČ)

DARIO MARUŠIĆ, Folk fiddling in Istria

BOŠTJAN UDOVIČ & MATEVŽ ŠTEPEC, Giuseppe Tartini as an (Missed) Opportunity for Slovenia’s Cultural Diplomacy

Session III

In Search of Perfect Harmony in Musical Thought: Tartini’s Theory and Beyond (chair: LUCIJA KONFIC)

NEJC SUKLJAN, Tartini and the Ancients: Traces of Ancient Music Theory in Tartini–Martini Correspondence

RICHARD PARNCUTT,Tartini’s Harmonic Theory: Fundamental Psychological Problems

BELLA BROVER-LUBOWSKY, “No other Art than the imitation of Nature”: Tartini, Algarotti, and the Hermeneutics of Modal Dualism

ROBERTA VIDIC, Tartini’s‘Musical Inference’between Epistemology and History of Harmony

Presentation and discussion Giuseppe Tartini, Lettere e documenti: New edition and translations of Tartini’s letters


Session V

Performing, editing and translating Tartini (chair: NEAL ZASLAW)

DOMEN MARINČIČ, Tartini’s Music Performed without Chordal Continuo

LUISA ANTONI, Tartini’s Violin Sonatas in the Collections of Pente-Zanon (1911) and Malipiero (1918–1921) and Their Piano Realizations Compared to Today’s Realizations of the Basso Continuo

JERNEJA UMER KLJUN, Understanding Tartini and His Thought – Overcoming Translation Difficulties in the Correspondence between Tartini and Martini